Away (2020)

Away, two people in spacesuits

Away (2020) is an American Sci-Fi TV drama starring Hilary Swank and created by Andrew Hinderaker. It premiered on Netflix on September 4, 2020. The series has one season and has not been renewed for the next season.

Away (2020) follows the first manned expedition to Mars, known as the Mars Joint Initiative. The expedition has a diverse international crew.


The crew consists: of the world’s top British botanist Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban (Ato Essandoh), who is a leader in his field but without previous experience in space, then there is a Chinese chemist Dr. Lu Wang (Vivian Wu), a Russian cosmonaut named Misha Popov (Mark Ivanir) who has a lot of experience in space, an Indian medical officer Dr. Ram Arya (Ray Panthaki) who is second in command. Former U.S. Navy pilot Emma Green (Hilary Swank) is the expedition commander. 

Story plot

Emma’s husband, Matt (Josh Charles), is a former astronaut who became a NASA engineer and served as mission control for the landmark excursion. While at home, he takes care of their 15-year-old daughter Alexis (Talitha Bateman). 

The mission, which is planned to last three years, uses the Moon as its springboard on the way to Mars. However, several crew members question Emma’s ability to command due to the crisis situation, when a fire breaks out in their ship, at the beginning of the mission and her response to it. On their way to Mars, many unforeseen circumstances will begin to occur that will greatly affect the mission. 

Actors: Hilary Swank; Josh Charles; Mark Ivanir; Vivian Wu; Ray Panthaki; Ato Essandoh; Talitha Eliana Bateman; Monique Gabriela Curnen; Felicia Patti; Adam Irigoyen; Gabrielle Rose; Fiona Fu; Michael Patrick Thornton; Martin Cummins; Brian Markinson; Diana Bang; John Murphy…

Creator: Andrew Hinderaker
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
Release Date: Release Date: September 4, 2020    /    NETFLIX

Official Trailer:

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