20 Best and Most Interesting Star Trek Ships

Star Trek is considered a most-watched and followed sci-fi TV. The Federation Starfleet, and other planets in Star Trek boasts many powerful and strong ships.

Star Trek ships near planet

Star Trek: Motion Picture has been alluring and thrilling fans for many years. The show has returned with retribution in current years, as CBS returned the Prime timeline against the Kelvin timeline of the recent Star Trek movies to secure the streaming service. Kelvin Timeline refers to an alternative quantum Star Trek universe made when Romulan Nero traveled to the year 2233 and wiped out the starship USS KelvinThe Kelvin timeline doesn’t become visible in canon material. However, it’s CBS Television’s inner name for the changed timeline made by Nero’s assault on USS Kelvin.


Star Trek TV and movies alike feature a lot of spaceships or spacecraft. Different space vessels make the primary setting of the TV series, films as well as the expanded Star Trek universe. They also help advance franchise stories. All through the production of the franchise, spaceships have been portrayed and showed by many physical and computer-generated models. Producers worked to balance often limited budgets with the need to show convincing, futuristic vessels. 

Beyond the media appearances, Star Trek spaceships have been markets as models, books as well as rides. Filming models have sold for a huge amount at public auction. 

Getting to Know the Best Star Trek Spacecraft 

It is very likely that most of us, adults and children, are familiar with Star Trek, both the movies and the TV shows. And what makes this very popular? Maybe because of spaceships! Since ancient times, people have been looking at the sky and dreaming of traveling to the stars. 

While this is renowned for its huge sci-fi concept, it still Star Trek has many great and remarkable space fights and battles for fanatics of that kind of thing. Without a doubt, Star Trek ships are some of the most distinctive and powerful in the worlds of science fiction, equipped with a remarkable weapon as well as amazing designs.
Follow us as we give you the 20 most popular and interesting spaceships of this franchise. Some of them are also the most powerful Star Trek ships.

1. The Probe 

First on the list is the Whale Probe. Probe considered the most powerful and strongest Star Trek spaceships, debilitated and laid up the Federation with no launch of an assault- it was just attempting to communicate. Popular called The Probe, a colossal cylindrical object, which appeared in an early episode of the popular Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, this managed to exhaust the control as well as life sustain from starbases, ships as well as Starfleet command. 

This was the outcome of the dampening field made by its sleeting frequencies- and effort to contact as well as keep in touch with the vanished humpback. Gratefully, a well-times intrusion by Captain Kirk as well as his squad managed to save the day. It has amazing warp speed.

2. USS Enterprise NCC 1701   (Features in Original Film)

Star Trek ships USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise NCC 1701 was launched in the year 2245 and considered the illustrious as well as original starship made in the San Francisco Yards. Enterprise NCC 1701 features in the original Star Trek. This starship was formerly captained by Christopher Pike as well as Robert April prior to coming under the supervision of James T. Kirk. This Enterprise vessel was considered one of the most popular Star Trek starships. Enterprise NCC 1701 was gained its name as the best-renowned spaceship ever seen in Star Trek.

The popularity of this starship is because of its five-year mission. Other USS Enterprise vessels are the NCC 1701-A, NCC 1701-B also features in the first or original series. The Next Generation era featured three ships named USS Enterprise: NCC 1701-C, NCC 1701-D, and NCC 1701-E. We also have Enterprise vessels featured in alternate timelines: NCC 1701-D, NCC 1701-J, and NCC 1701-F.

3. V-Ger Voyager

Without a doubt, V-Ger is the strongest and powerful threat Kirk encountered apart from a thing that might or might not have been God. Some time ago, this was the meek space probe that NASA had launched. That was at the end of the 20th century. On the other hand, a planet pack of machines that some fanatics think might have been a Borg planet made this spacecraft into something mighty. 

As a matter of fact, we never witness the outer limits of Voyager’s power. Yes, this ship is able to vaporize ships at will as well as able to create ideal and perfect copies of the team of Kirk. And it seems very likely that, if Kirk and Spock had not handled to assist Voyager to evolve, this could have wiped out all living things on Earth.

4. Jem’Hadar Fighters  

Several Star Trek Jem'Hadar ships are flying in formation

Jem’Hadar Fighters is also considered the best and popular Star Trek spaceships in the new series with remarkable warp speed. These were the line spaceship of Dominion Fleet. The very tough and sturdy craft, able to survive hurtle landing and can still fly with just a few repairs. Those fighters, equipped with phased disruptors, could easily pierce the protection or shield of the Starfleet spaceships in the early times after the first fight or confrontation. 

On the other hand, in due course, the vessel weapons’ efficiency and the shields subside as Starfleet, and the supporters managed to learn how to cope with them. However, a group of Jem’Hadar fighters was still perilous to any battleship in the allies’ range. 

5. Negh’Var-Class (Klingon Warship)  

A spaceship flies past the planet

This is one of the popular starships that were considered the biggest warship in the Klingon Defense Force. This was often utilized as a flagship for high-ranking troupes of the Klingon hierarchy. Like most Klingon warships, this one was also armed with many cloaking devices.

As mentioned above, this is considered the most powerful vessel in the fleet of Klingon, and this could stay in one area and destroy enemy starships all around it and worry little about retaliatory strikes. However, in spite of being powerful, this ship also has a weakness, which is when a small and easy to maneuver craft could get in close. However, that is rare to happen.

6. D’deridex-Class (Romulan Warbird)

D’deridex-Class Warbird is considered the main spaceship of the Romulan Star Empire’s fleet. These were gigantic ships that dwarfed the biggest vessels of the Federation in Star Trek space. With high warp speed and cloaking technology, these vessels are also enforced by “forced quantum singularity” as a power source. These were battlecruisers equipped with new and state-of-the-art weapons, including many disruptor arrays and torpedo tubes.

Akin to many Romulan spaceships, the D’deridex-Class Warbird was armed with powerful cloaking tools, which was a relatively scary and creepy fact – a spaceship with the control and size of a D’deridex being capable of sneaking behind the lines of the enemy unnoticed and wreak chaos is something good chief would fear.

7. Borg Cube Vessel

Over the decades, we have witnessed diverse types of Borg ships. On the other hand, the most powerful and perhaps the most iconic of these ships stay the Borg Cube. Perhaps, you are asking what makes this very threatening and dangerous; well, it is the best combination of adaptability and power that makes this feared all through the galaxy. 

This scary and frightening cube annihilated a group of Federation vessels in every fight. Worse, although you manage to do a lot of damage to the Borg cube, redundant technologies would take it over, and it would keep on working, which makes this a hard and tough vessel to pound.  

Basically, this can trap an assailant in a tractor beam and drain the adversary shields prior to the assailant could do much damage. Few teams who got inside the ship beheld another frightening sight: all the diverse alien species being absorbed or took into a collective, which could adapt its style of fighting very quickly in hand to hand fight, given its hive mind. 

In addition to “smart” weapons that adapt, the ship can also analyze the opponent’s weapons system and adapt the defense within seconds.

The power of this is undeniable- a single craft wiped out 39 Starfleet ships at Wolf 359 quickly and without breaking a sweat. The capability of this ship to adapt to any kind of attack means that although someone does make an innovative solution, it wouldn’t work for long. 

8. Defiant–Class

This class is also the most common and popular ship in the Star Trek universe. This was originally made to combat the Borg. Brought out to fight the threat of Dominion, this was equipped with 4 phaser cannons, 4 forward and 2 aft torpedo launchers, as well as three phaser banks. The Defiant-class ships pack a remarkable punch for a craft of its size. 

These are considered powerful and strong deflectors. The integrated ablative armor makes the Defiant-class very hard to harm. On the other hand, it is hard to operate or maneuver despite its power, and this is not fast compared to the Akira class. However, this is capable of wrecking smaller ships with some shots using phaser cannons. 

9. Bioship (The Species 8472)

Since the introduction of this ship into the franchise canon, the Borg have literally trampled the galaxy and spread unseen terror by assimilating all the civilizations they encounter and proving that it can destroy an entire Federation armada with just one spacecraft. That is until they opened a gateway into fluidic space where they met Species 8472. The alien race has proven to be a danger to the cybernetic collective more than any other species because they can destroy and wiped out Borg starships instantly and without too much effort.

The Species 8472 ships were basically biogenetic and, as such, were resistant to any technological attack, making conventional weapons and force fields useless against them. Individual members of their species also had such an ability. Moreover, they were capable of emitting incredible energies in tandem, wiping out Borg vessels as fast as the Borg wiped out other ships.  

10. USS Voyager

Star Trek ships USS Voyager flying

This is a Starfleet ship whose unplanned voyage to the Delta Quadrant is the main story in Star Trek: Voyager. The USS Voyager is known not only for researching the little-known Delta Quadrant but also for various innovative techniques it has adopted from alien species to shorten its 75-year journey back home to the Alpha Quadrant. One of these adopted techniques and also the most famous is Borg technology for transwarp travel, which shortened the trip by several years. 

11. Tin Man

Star Trek egg-shaped spaceship

Many of us found Star Trek: The Next Generation very cool but unknown. That ‘unknown’ that was shrouded in mystery attracted us. Maybe one good reason is that it assists in redefining what human being considered life. For example, in one episode of the third season of The Next Generation, a space probe detects something that appears to be a “living” starship that has some unknown source of energy. This spacecraft was named Tin Man by the Starfleet, and we later discover that its name is Gomtuu

Initially, this spaceship just seems mysterious and big. On the other hand, when it likes to, it is capable of eliminating even the most powerful and stronger vessels like the Romulan Warbirds in just a single shot. While we never witness the upper range of Tin Man powers, it looks like it could be a threat to the whole galaxy when it so opts to be. This spaceship is rarely seen in Star Trek.

12. Galaxy Class 

This is another famous spaceship. The strongest and most powerful vessel in Starfleet for a time, this spacecraft was regarded as a phenomenon or vision of current engineering due to its amazing warp speed. This starship, equipped with 14 phaser strips as well as a fore and aft torpedo launcher, is able to bring a great number of weapons to bear at any direction of the ship’s superstructure.

Like many Starfleet vessels, Galaxy-class was intended to fill an extensive array of roles and responsibilities; therefore, it was not straight-up warships. On the other hand, it could protect and guard itself very well. Later iteration would have more devastating firepower and make this craft better in battle.

13. Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser

This ship was considered the bigger cousin of the previous Jem Hadar Fighter. This is also a frightening ship. Not seen subsequent to the Cardassian-Dominion coalition, this big cruiser was equipped with the typical polaron beam disruptor batteries, which made Dominion vessels very powerful and with many torpedo tubes.

Very durable ships, even one of them was regarded as a great threat to Deep Space Nine’s spaceships after its huge upgrades of the weapon such as cloaking device. They often secured the Dominion line in the fight and could destroy even the strongest and powerful allied ships single-handedly.

14. Akira Class 

Also, very popular spaceships, state-of-the-art Star Trek, were bespoke in the 2370s. This ship was also considered part of the Federation’s plan to field lots of vessels with the key object – combating. The Akira-class was a torpedo boat that has a dorsal weapons pod equipped with vast numbers of fore and aft torpedo tubes. Like other vessels of Starfleet, this is also integrated with phasers. 

This also comes with fore and aft launch bars, which makes the Akira class a perfect launch platform for the attack ships of Starfleet. Easy to maneuver or operate and fly faster, this battle craft could bring an uneven amount of control and supremacy to stand for its range. 

15. Relativity 

This ship is a close cousin to Aeon. Both vessels come from the 29th century that is essentially half a millennium in the future from the era of Captain Janeway. Akin to the miniature Aeon, Relativity is a time ship. 

This spacecraft is presumably packing serious traditional weaponry. On the other hand, its major weapon is the capability of the ship to beam people to and from any time in temporal history. This is a remarkable tool or equipment for scientific discovery. But, it is a totally destructive weapon that can change galactic history when in the wrong hand. 

16. Enterprise – J

This is also one of the most popular spaceships, but we don’t have enough information about Enterprise –J. Nonetheless, we can determine that this craft is packed with powers, which is the case with this gigantic hitter from the far future. 

This starship is far in the future of the Trek timeline. Captain Archer is moved to this spacecraft briefly by a Temporal Agent. The fact that we know how modern as well as groundbreaking vessels akin to the Enterprise-E and Enterprise –D are, we are able to just presume that this iteration of the renowned ship is packing lots of power. Here’s hoping we see a lot of it in action in the future. 

17. Sovereign Class

This is also considered the most powerful ship in Starfleet, and at the same time takes all of the experiences Starfleet experienced and puts them into practice. This Sovereign Class is stronger and more powerful after a class-wide repair. This craft boasted 16 phaser arrays. It is also equipped with a forward quantum torpedo launcher as well as six aft photo launchers, which makes this really powerful and a threat to enemies.

This ship was made for an extensive array of expeditions, such as the Galaxy before it. On the other hand, Starfleet assured to equip this ship with state-of-the-art weaponry, which allows it to hold its own against the strongest and most powerful enemy ships without asking and requesting reinforcements. 

18. Reman Warbird (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)

The Nemesis was a discordant movie to the Star Trek: The Next Generation fanatics. However, one vital thing that was unquestionably grand and overwhelming was the power of this ship. With very heavy weapons, this craft has 52 disruptor bands as well as 27 photon torpedo bays that permitted it to lay waste to many other ships such as Enterprise-E without too much effort. 

Also, this ship is very heavily armored and is capable of withstanding severe damage that could be fatal to most other ships. It also has a very good cloaking device. The ability to disguise delighted Geordi LaForge and he rated it as ‘perfect.’ Thalaron radiation weapons are capable of destroying all life on the planet with just one blow. Reman Warbird is indeed considered one of the most powerful ships in Star Trek. 

19. Jem’Hadar Battleship

A group of Star Trek spaceships are flying

This was the largest ship in the fleet of Dominion, a very frightening ship that everyone was afraid of, which tells us how great the power of Jem’Hadar warships is. It’s equipped with many polaron disruptor batteries as well as torpedo launchers. This warship was not only the most powerful craft of Dominion but also considered the strongest and most powerful ships in the entire galaxy. 

What makes this ship apart from the others is that it so hard to damage. When this battleship arrives on the battlefield, it encounters fear and apprehension among its opponents. Double the size of a Galaxy-class craft, as well as three times more powerful, no spaceship that any of the allies fielded could harm it in single combat. This is truly a very powerful battleship in the history of Star Trek. 

20. Voth City Ship

Several ships are fighting in Star Trek

The last but not the least interesting ship is the Voth City Ship. Given the enormous size of this object, at first glance, we might ask whether this is a spaceship or a planet. Well, the answer is both. This is one of the renowned ships in Star Trek. This tremendous city-ship appeared in Star Trek: Voyager in the episode “Distant Origin.”  As the name suggests, even if this is far more than a ship, this is big and strong enough to accommodate the whole civilization. Yes, you heard it right; it can accommodate the entire civilization as this looks like a planet.

We do not see this spaceship do anything crazy with photon torpedoes and phasers; on the other hand, it is strong, powerful, and advanced enough to immediately interrupt the rival ship’s communication system as well as the main power. What is more, the gigantic size of this spaceship is remarkable. When USS Voyager is close to this ship, it looks like a dot or an ant as opposed to this huge vessel. 


It is safe to say that all of us love the vessels in Star Trek, not just to the reason that they fly fast or as they are often utilized outside of the design parameters, but due to the fact that these vessels challenge the concepts of design as a whole. How strange is it to witness a big ball or a gigantic cube flying in space? Or encounter a warp 5 speed- a capable vessel that looks like a natural object? Above are the top 20 best, most renowned, and interesting vessels of Star Trek, which audiences, as well as fanatics, have witnessed so far.

However, there are other popular ships no included in the list, such as the Klingon Bird of Prey, which appears in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation, the popular constitution class Enterprise B, and Enterprise ship NX-01. Also, there are more ships in the Star Trek: Discovery series, like the USS Nog and the USS Voyager-J, whose capabilities and specifications we don’t know much about yet. We only know that they exist because they were seen in the spaceport of the Federation Fleet of the 32nd century. We are expecting more ships to come in the new episodes of Star Trek.

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