15 Lightsaber Types: A Comprehensive Guide

The lightsaber has always been an iconic element of the Star Wars universe. Ever since it first appeared, these luminous weapons, with their characteristic sound, ignited the imagination of every fan of the Star Wars franchise. From the blue lightsaber of Obi-Wan Kenobi to the red one of Darth Vader, the weapon has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide. 
In the SW universe, there were many interesting duels between opposing force-users, i.e. the Jedi and the Sith. However, there were also force-users who did not belong to either. Probably the most famous lightsaber duel, for most fans of the franchise, took place between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Cloud City.

Two men fight with lightsabers
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Cloud City

The lightsaber’s power is derived from the rare kyber crystal that is housed within, despite the fact that the lightsaber’s construction itself is not particularly complicated. Using a lightsaber is less like holding a sword and more like directing a current of power, according to several Star Wars canon projects. 


But did you know that there are many different types of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various types of lightsabers and their unique features.


The lightsaber’s blade is made of plasma. This plasma blade is expelled from the hilt and held in place by a force containment field. It is powered by a kyber crystal, which determines the color of the blade. Every lightsaber must, by definition, make some sort of noise when it’s being used, like a buzzing or shimmering that matches along with the hum of the projector engine. The weapon has been used by Jedi, Sith, and other Force users throughout the Star Wars saga.

Let’s see what types of these weapons we have throughout the Star Wars universe.

Traditional Lightsabers

A man holding a lightsaber

The traditional lightsaber is the most common type and is used by the Jedi Order. It has a straight hilt and a single blade that can be up to a meter in length. The blade color is determined by the kyber crystal used, with blue and green being associated with the Jedi and red being associated with the Sith. These are versatile weapons that can be used offensively or defensively. They can deflect blaster fire and cut through most materials with ease. However, they require a high level of skill to wield effectively, and inexperienced users may find them difficult to use. This type of saber was used by Luke Skywalker, as well as Anakin Skywalker, in the prequels.

Double-Bladed Lightsabers

A human-sized alien holding a space weapon

Double-bladed lightsabers, also known as Doublesaber or Saberstaffs, are rare but formidable weapons. They consist of two blades that are emitted from opposite ends of a longer hilt. The weapon requires a high level of skill to use effectively, but it provides the wielder with greater offensive and defensive capabilities. One notable user of a double-bladed lightsaber is Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

Double-bladed are weapons that are capable of inflicting damage on multiple opponents at once. They are also useful for deflecting blaster fire and can be used as a defensive weapon. However, they require a high level of skill to wield effectively and are not recommended for inexperienced users.

Crossguard Lightsabers

Two men and a woman

Crossguard light-sabers, also known as the Kylo Ren lightsaber, have a unique design with a crossguard that extends out from the hilt. We met this weapon in the movie The Force Awakens. The crossguard blades are shorter than the main blade and provide additional protection to the wielder’s hands. This type is not commonly used in the Star Wars universe, but it has gained popularity since its appearance in the sequel trilogy.

The crossguards are highly effective weapons that can be used to catch and disarm opponents, and the main blade can cut through most materials with ease. However, the crossguards can also be a liability if the user is not skilled enough to wield them effectively.

Curved-Hilt Lightsabers

A man holds a weapon

Curved-hilt lightsabers have a unique design with a curved hilt that allows for greater precision and finesse in combat. The curved shape provides the wielder with a more comfortable grip and a better range of motion. They are also useful for close-quarters combat, as the curved hilt allows for greater precision and control. However, they require a high level of skill to wield effectively and are not recommended for inexperienced users. This type of lightsaber is commonly used by Jedi and Sith, and one notable user is Count Dooku

Stormtrooper lightsabers

Any lightsaber used by a stormtrooper is commonly referred to as a Stormtrooper Lightsaber for short. In 2015, the Star Wars canon finally introduced the first image of a stormtrooper using this weapon.

We have lightsabers made by the Galactic Empire and only used by clone stormtroopers made from the DNA of the late Emperor’s Hand Sa Cuis. These sabers had red blades and a white hilt to match their armor, which was unusual for a saber. 

In the comic book series, Sergeant Kreel, a undercover stormtrooper, and SCAR trooper, fights with a lightsaber with a green blade during the Galactic Civil War. Kreel, who fights Luke Skywalker on many occasions, serves directly beneath Darth Vader. Also, in The Force Awakens (2015), we get a quick glimpse of Finn, an ex-stormtrooper, using a light-saber.

Dual-Phase Lightsabers

Helmeted man holding lightsaber

Dual-phase lightsabers have a special feature that allows the blade to extend to twice its original length. This feature provides the wielder with greater reach and the ability to surprise their opponent. This type is rare, and its use is limited to a select few Force users. They were popular among the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and were often used by Jedi who preferred a more defensive style of combat. The lightsaber has two or more kyber crystals in its blade, allowing it to change length in the middle of a fight.

Dual-phase types are highly effective weapons that can be used for both offense and defense. They are also useful for long-range combat, as the extended blade allows for greater reach and versatility. However, they require a high level of skill to wield effectively and are not recommended for inexperienced users. All Star Wars fans are probably familiar with the person who carried this saber! Yes, it’s the mighty Sith Lord Darth Vader!

Shoto Lightsabers

An alien woman holds two lightsabers

Shoto, also known as “short lightsabers,” is a type that has a shorter blade than traditional of those kinds of weapons. They are often used as a secondary weapon and can be stored easily in a holster or on a belt. Shoto lightsabers are typically used by Jedi who specialize in close-quarters combat or who prefer a more defensive style of combat. The most famous force users who used these sabers are Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Master Yoda.

Those weapons are also useful for stealth operations, as they are smaller and easier to conceal than traditional lightsabers. They are also less cumbersome, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility in combat. However, they have a shorter reach than traditional types and are not as effective at deflecting blaster fire.

Ezra Saber Pistol

Glowing space weapon

In RebelsEzra Bridger came up with the ingenious idea of combining the two weapons into a single weapon, which was called the saber pistol. It was powered by a blue kyber crystal and gave Ezra the ability to switch between blaster bolts and the more conventional lightsaber for close combat. Despite the fact that it can only fire mild stun bolts, it provides Ezra with a variety of alternatives and is consistent with the Jedi ideal of non-lethal force. In addition to this, it enables Ezra to engage in combat without revealing his Jedi training, which helps him in remaining hidden from the Empire. After Darth Vader destroyed it, Ezra replaced it with a conventional, single-bladed light-saber.

Inquisitor Lightsabers

A humanoid alien wields a lightsaber

Inquisitor lightsabers, also known as double-bladed spinning lightsabers, are a type that was used by the Inquisitors, a group of Force-sensitive agents of the Galactic Empire. They are unique in that they have a spinning hilt, allowing for greater precision and control in combat. They have a spinning blade that can be activated with the push of a button, which makes them formidable weapons in combat. The blades are shorter than traditional lightsabers and are often used in conjunction with a blaster. However, because of the high level of ability required to utilize them properly, they are not suggested for the inexperienced.


A man holds weapons and an alien child

The Darksaber is a unique lightsaber with a flat, black blade that emits a white glow. It was created by Tarre Vizsla, who was the first Mandalorian Jedi. It is a symbol of Mandalorian power and prestige and has been used by notable characters such as Pre Vizsla and Moff Gideon. Also, in the TV series The Mandalorian, for a time this weapon was carried by Din Djarin (the Mandalorian), which was eventually handed over to Bo-Katan Kryze. The Darksaber is a powerful weapon, but it requires a high level of skill to wield effectively. The darksaber is a formidable weapon that is capable of cutting through most materials with ease. It is also a symbol of leadership and is often used in ceremonial functions. 

Dahgee Lightsaber

Two men hold lightsabers

We have a type of lightsaber that appear in the Clone Wars Adventures video game. It was used by the Dahgee Jedi, and they made it using the Dahgee crystal, which was located on the planet of the same name in Mid Rim. The blades’ special features were a zigzagging design, a dark silver core, and a colored aura.

These Jedi are largely based on their home planet and conduct their own activities without guidance from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When the Clone Wars begin, mysterious Dahgee Jedi are thought to be extinct. There are still some of their gear and lightsabers around.


Protosabers are the earliest version of lightsabers, used by the Jedi during the Hundred-Year Darkness. They were powered by an external power pack and had a blade that was not as refined as the modern lightsaber. Protosabers were larger and heavier than traditional types, making them difficult to wield. 

The protosaber was eventually replaced by the new modern lightsaber design, while some older light-sabers were adapted to function without an external power source. This weapon made its first appearance in Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith (1997), a Star Wars comic book series.


The woman holds a lightsaber in the shape of a whip

Lightwhips are unique lightsabers with flexible blade that resembles a whip. They are difficult to control and require a high level of skill to use effectively. They are primarily used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir, who are a group of dark-side Force users. Also, Vernestra Rwoh, a Jedi knight, is known to be among those who have employed this weapon.

Lightsaber Pike

A man in a spacesuit holds a lightsaber

A Lightsaber Pike is a version with a long hilt and short blades. These weapons came in two varieties; the first resembled a spear or other spearlike weapon. A second variety had a second blade on the opposite end and looked, from all outward appearances, to be functionally and structurally identical to a double-bladed lightsaber, with which it shared a “nearly identical” fighting style. A ‘Pike’, on the other hand, has a long hilt and significantly shorter blades than a double-bladed light-saber. In Star Wars canon, the Jedi Temple Guards use ‘pikes’ with yellow, double-bladed blades.

Training Lightsabers

Several children holding lightsabers, and two men

These are unique lightsabers that are used for practice and training purposes. They emit a low-power blade that is not capable of cutting through objects, making them safe for sparring. They are commonly used by Jedi Padawans and younglings during their training. In the prequel trilogy, we can see very young future Jedi training with this weapon.

Some basic facts about lightsabers:

How do you turn it on?

  • A lightsaber is turned on by pressing a button on the hilt.

Can anyone use a lightsaber?

  • No, only those who are Force-sensitive can use it effectively.

What is the difference between a Jedi and Sith lightsaber?

  • Jedi types typically have a blue or green blade, while Sith has a red blade. Additionally, Sith types are often more aggressive in design.

Can light-sabers block blaster fire?

  • Yes, they are capable of deflecting blaster fire.

How do you change the color of the blade?

  • The kyber crystal used will determine the blade color. To change the color, one must replace the kyber crystal.

We will also mention the Lightsaber rifle. This rifle was a special kind of rifle made to be used in tandem with a regular lightsaber. It could fire an extremely powerful and deadly beam of energy once a lightsaber was appropriately loaded into a space on top of the rifle. At least 5 rounds could be fired from the rifle and then the saber would be melted down using it as fuel. The Jedi Council guarded one of these weapons in its archives.


In conclusion, lightsabers are a fascinating and integral part of the Star Wars universe. From the traditional lightsaber to the Darksaber, each type has its unique features and capabilities. As you continue to explore the Star Wars universe, you may come across even more types of light-sabers and unique variations on existing designs. 

Whether you are a fan of the Jedi or the Sith, there is a lightsaber that suits your preferences. it’s important to remember that a lightsaber is a powerful and dangerous weapon that should be wielded with care and respect.

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