US Fighters Shoot Down Three Mysterious UFOs

The United States military has shot down at least four UFO in recent weeks, raising concerns about their origin and characteristics. Since the first object shot down was identified as a Chinese “spy” balloon, the origins of the other three remain unknown.

UFO, a big balloon in the air
Chinese “spy” balloon

Everything happened in a few days, more precisely, the first one, which is marked as Chinese, was shot down on February 4, then the other three were shot down from February 10 to 12, one each day. As tensions between the United States and China increase, the objects’ true nature remains a mystery.
Over the course of three days, US fighter jets shot down three unidentified flying objects with missiles over Alaska, Canada, and Michigan (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Pentagon and intelligence officials are scrambling to make sense of available data on the mysterious flying objects.


Chronological description of events

We will start in order, chronologically, to describe what happened based on available information and official facts.
On Friday, February 10, a US F-22 fighter shot down the first UFO over Alaska. The shape was described as cylindrical. It is unknown whether the fallen wreckage has been recovered, nor any of its blown-up parts.
On Saturday, February 11, a US F-22 fighter shot down a second UFO over the Yukon region of northwestern Canada. A cylinder-like shape was also mentioned. It is unknown whether the fallen remains were recovered.
The latest UFO was shot down by an F-16 fighter jet over Michigan’s Lake Huron on Sunday, February 12th., and is described as an octagonal object. According to the Pentagon, the UFO is believed to have flown near a sensitive military location. The downing of the UFO took place on the order of President Biden. That unidentified object above Lake Huron was destroyed by an AIM-9X heat-seeking missile. The object was hovering at an altitude of 20,000 feet, posing a threat to civilian and military airspace.

UFO, two fighter planes

Some statements by officials

The Pentagon has admitted that it does not know where the recently crashed objects came from.
When asked whether or not the UFO could have come from another planet, a high-ranking military official did not rule out the possibility. General Glenn VanHerck, head of the United States Northern Command and NORAD, told CNN he is not ruling out any options. He also said they are still looking into any hypothetical or actual threats heading toward the U.S. to see if we can find any of them.
In order to find out where these objects came from, the Pentagon will try to extract the remains and analyze the technology found. The military, however, appears to be in the dark; VanHerck has stated that he won’t categorize them as balloons, that they are called objects for a reason, and that he can’t categorize how they stay in the air.

What happened?

So what’s next? What exactly happened or is still happening over North America?
Let’s summarize a bit. So, we have 2 cylindrical and one octagonal unidentified object, which, according to officials, were on average the size of a car, which ‘had’ to be shot down by $400,000 missiles, although we do not know their origin or purpose. And also, according to military officials, we don’t even know what materials they are made of or how they are kept in the air. Now, many questions naturally arise, considering the Sci-Fi tone of these events. Could the unidentified aircraft have been handled differently, and if not, why not? Could they have been shot down with cannon fire instead of missiles, in order to better preserve the wreckage for further investigation of their origin and purpose?

UFO, a group of unidentified flying objects

Let’s assume these objects have been sent over the United States as part of a spying mission by a foreign power like China or Russia. If the military has used similar devices in the past, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; it’s not like the three superpowers just started spying on each other.
For now, however, it’s all just speculation, and there are more theories than answers surrounding the mysterious downed objects. While Pentagon officials investigate the objects’ history, the UFO and Sci-Fi community remains on alert. The key is to ask two important things – what exactly are these mysterious objects, and why does the US seem to be suddenly spotting and shooting down more and more such objects?

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