Tales from the Loop – upcoming SciFi series

One new SciFi series is just around the corner. In the multitude of monotonous stories we get from watching various series, this story stands out with its peculiarity, in a very refreshing way.

The series is inspired by the somewhat fantasy, surreal SciFi artwork of Simon Stålenhag. And it seems that this adaptation is perfectly captured the nature of Stalenhag’s paintings. 


My art is basically science fiction themed landscape painting. I try to approach scenes as if they are real, as if I’m actually seeing these things. I am more inspired by landscape artists and wildlife art than science fiction art. Although, I’m also very inspired by science fiction. I started with landscape and wildlife art.Stålenhag said.

Stålenhag has turned his works into two narrative books, Tales from the Loop in 2014 and Things from the Flood in 2016. He achieved great success with his Kickstarter project, launching an RPG game called Tales from the Loop. You can learn more about Stålenhag’s artwork at his website.

Amazon has contracted an eight-episode series, which will be co-produced by Fox 21 TV Studios and Amazon Studios.
The story is set in a small town above “The Loop,” a machine designed to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe. But strange things happen, and the townspeople are experiencing things that are supposed to occur only in science fiction.
Some say this series reminds them of a bit of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Loop, a man and a boy are walking in a meadow behind a robot
Image: Amazon
Loop, boy and girl walking in the snow in front of 3 towers
Image: Amazon

Cast, Release date, Trailer

Nathaniel Halpern will direct Tales from the Loop. The series will star Rebecca Hall (Loretta), Duncan Joiner (Cole), Daniel Zolghadri (Jacob), Nicole Law (May), Tyler Barnhardt (Danny Jansson), Stefanie Estes (Sarah), Jonathan Pryce (Russ), among others.
The premiere of this SciFi television series on Amazon Prime is scheduled for April 3, 2020.

Official Trailer:

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