Solo: A Star Wars Story – Made A Split Between Fans Of The Famous Franchise

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Three films were shot after Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, which significantly divided the fans and movie critics of the previous films.
Why is that so?
Well, Star Wars are certainly the greatest media franchise, which lasts almost half a century. For that time, it created one of the institutions of popular culture with the most crowded audience. And with the most movie fanatics, too.
After George Lucas left, many things changed in the concept. And it was too optimistic to expect that this would not result in such a drastic divide, which oscillates from the most positive to the most negative comments. But the fact is that Solo: A Star Wars Story financially didn’t go as well as expected. But it is also the fact that good movies can have a low profit for at least a thousand reasons.

The force may not have been on Solo side, but this doesn’t have to prevent us from considering, without prejudice, about the saga of a young rebel pilot. Solo, a movie about Han Solo whose character interprets by Alden Ehrenreich, reveals how the biggest renegade in the galaxy (in the original interpretation of the brilliant Harrison Ford) got his last name.


Solo: A Star Wars Story by Ron Howard sets out a series of background details of Han’s mythology. He is thus separating the story from the original franchise to tell his own, an individual story, divided into three major parts that offer a review on Han’s youth (from how he got his name to how he met Chewbacca), his first undertakings, and denouement to lead him in the direction of Tatooine.


The story begins in Corellia, a planet known for the construction of ships and ace pilots. It is also known for its dark streets dominated by criminal groups. Those gangs make young children work for them, including adult Han Solo as well. His dream is to become the best pilot in the galaxy, which can be accomplished with enough money to buy the ship.

Solo decides to rob a gang he works for, and along with a girl named Qi’ra whose character interprets by Emilia Clarke, escapes into a new life. The plan fails, and Qi’ra stuck to Corellia. Solo is forced to join the Imperial Fleet, where he will train for the pilot. In the meantime, he is expelled from the Academy and joins gangs led by Tobias Beckett. Beckett’s character interprets by Woody Harrelson.

In a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo gets acquainted with his future co-pilot Chewbacca. Joonas Suotamo interprets Chewbacca. He also introduces the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, whose role is entrusted to Donald Glover, on a journey that will determine the course of one of the heroes of the Star Wars trilogy.

Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca, Woody Harrelson is Beckett, Emilia Clarke is Qi’ra and Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo.

Interestingly, Solo doesn’t abound with explicit scenes of violence and scary scenes, which is a feature of the newer movies. Such scenes are only present in traces because the film is obviously intended to create new generations of fans and consumers. It is true that the story takes place in a dark, criminal underworld, but the emphasis is on adventure, friendship, and romance, but also circumvention and betrayal. If we talk about love as one of the values that are exposed in the movie, it is interesting that in a franchise that has inspired the imagination of people over many generations, love does not win.


It is interesting because people tend to see the triumph of this value, and it is present in the franchise, but only as an occasional thought. The situation is not different when we talk about Solo. The character of Qi’ra, Solo’s love from the young days, was created for this movie. It is the love of his life, and romance is not questionable, but ultimately her pragmatism and tendency for security prevails. But perhaps this moment gives the necessary encounter with reality. Also, cynicism, as an integral part of the habit of Han Solo, had to be exhausted somewhere. In this case, apparently from the relationship with Qi’ra.

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Movies of light

However, Star Wars are movies of light, scenes, and landscapes that have feelings. All the previous ones have raised the criterion to more, which explains the disapproval of the fans on a deafening and dark start, with frames alternating in the sepia and blue shades. A slightly aggravating circumstance for this movie is also about losing time in attempts to explain individual details. Aggravating because previous movies didn’t bother to explain the reality in which the heroes are to the fans who are part of the community already almost half a century.

Risky for Alden Ehrenreich, is that he did not try to completely copy the legendary Harrison Ford with his acting, thus giving the character of Solo something of his authenticity. It is especially risky when, after so many years, one of the icons of popular culture interprets by someone else.
The movie abounds in atypical movie frames for this franchise but also interesting and aesthetically appealing, as well as a great music background.

Two people and a robot in the cockpit of a spaceship

However, to summarize, Solo: A Star Wars Story is undoubtedly good for watching. The movie offers an exciting ride in the universe in an untypical way for SciFi movies. And also untypical for Star Wars movies too.
It remains to see whether some future parts of the famous franchise will follow the path of Solo and will continue to surprise fans or will be guided by an established course.

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