Possible Easter Egg In ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The surprises from the new Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker never end. We may have some very exciting news from the Japanese movie news outlet,  Sora News 24.
What is it about? 
Specifically, J.J.Abrams found out in a dialogue with the interviewer that he is a huge fan of Ahsoka Tano, so a little teasing the interviewer may have announced Ahsoka’s appearance in the film.

Skywalker, a woman with two lightsabers
Ahsoka Tano

See how that part of the dialogue flowed:

Abrams: By the way, who’s your favorite character?
Interviewer: Me? Ahsoka Tano. Sorry for picking someone who only appears in the animated stuff [Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels], but I really like her positive, determined personality.
Abrams: Hmmm, Ahsoka, huh? Well, then you’ll probably want to watch closely during The Rise of Skywalker.
Interviewer: Wh-whoa-wait-whaaaaaaaaaat?
Abrams: Hahaha, well, enjoy the movie!


This would not be the first time a character from the animated series has appeared in a live-action movie. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we can hear General Syndulla being requested via the intercom system, and we can also see Chopper droids peeking around on the base. The movie also features a ship Ghost joining the rebel fleet during the Battle of Scarif.


What we know last about Ahsoka is that she left Lothal, a planet in the Outer Rim Territories, with Mandalorian Sabine. It is alleged that they have teamed up with the Ghost crew and set off for the Unknown Regions in search of Ezra Bridger. It is also known that the entire crew survived the Empire. So, other characters from the Rebels and possibly the whole crew may also appear because, in the trailer, we saw a ship very similar to the ship Ghost.

a large group of spaceships
a large group of spaceships

If done, it would be very significant and would help to complete one big picture of the Skywalker saga. And it would also fulfill the promise of the filmmakers that this movie would connect many of the stories and characters from previous films. 
However, these are all assumptions since nothing has been officially confirmed. Whether Ahsoka Tano or some of Ghost’s crew will appear in the film and in what way, it remains for us to wait for the film’s release on December 20, 2019.

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