20 Best Space Games You Have To Try

Human beings are hardwired to a vision of exploration and discovery. We want to know what surrounds us, from under the sea to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. That is where space video games are made.

Many of us will approach Mars’s surface or stand on the moon. Still, game developers from all over the world are putting in the job to bring us the best and most exhilarating space exploration experiences possible. It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about setting up a camp on Mars, devising and planning the spacecraft to bring us there, or simply cruising in the stars; you will find something in our list of the top coolest space video games ever made or released.


Here is the list of the best space games:

1. Star Conflict

Space Games, several spaceships fly towards the planets

If you are like me, who take pleasure in a dogfighting MMO space game for free, then Start Conflict is a perfect choice. Here, you will serve as a pilot who will clash amid asteroid belts as well as above planets in a fast-paced morsel. While it is largely concerned with PvP fights, you are able to get some quests, explore ruins as well as dabble in a spot of crafting. 

Certainly, it is the vessels that make this space game. From lively fighters to strapping as well as a bulky destroyer, there are lots of ships to unlock and modified, knowing your position and function in no matter what Conflict you get yourself duking it out in. There are hundreds of vessels to select from. However, getting access to these vessels take some time and doing. 

A preferred and most sought after space fantasy of many is only piloting their ship around shooting down space pirates for money like Boba Fett. Designed and created by Star Gem Inc, this game concentrates on small-scale dogfights in PvP or PvE, in which skill determines who dies and who lives. 

There is an extensive selection of aircraft to obtain, which range from nimble corvettes to huge and big destroyers. In spite of which ship you chose, you can be certain you will be flying in style. This game also features some bad-ass ship styles you’ve never seen before. 

There is also a meta-game, as you combat for the preferred faction, chase down foes, and get in pitch fights in a hard work to spread group influencer and net some lovely and amazing rewards.

2. Dual Universe

A few people in spacesuits

This is one of my favorite first-person space MMO game with one relentless universe shared between all gamers at the same time- this is totally editable and allows you to create the science fiction cities as well as shelling your dreamed or wanted space stations. 

Also, there is a universal, gamer controlled economy that players can add to through putting up production factories. Each planet has its own environment or biome. Trading is very developed. If you want an intense fight, then there are lots of PvE and PvP to join in the treacherous fringes of space. Dual Universe has remarkable depth when it comes to crafting scheme. For instance, you can shape your own spacecraft and then put in parts to modify it, including writing custom code to make an automatic pilot function.

3. Elite Dangerous

Two spaceships are fighting

Three decades since its first appearance, this space game returns with a new name. It has been around for many years in alpha and beta forms, sufficient time to be written about many times and played by many pirates, traders, bounty hunters, and explorers. So, from this aspect, I already knew that it was going to be very impressive and remarkable. 

In this space flight simulation, the whole galaxy is the playground. Not only the galaxy but Milky Way also set this game, made to a terrifying level. It’s a galaxy swarmed with gargantuan suns, black holes, spaceships, and space anomalies. Still, it is familiar and authentically Elite, on the other hand, elevated by technology, which would have boggled minds in the year 1984, when 256 planets were remarkably impressive. How you make a living in this new version is much similar, though, it doesn’t matter if you become a trader, plugging the cargo hold with microchips and algae, or a mercenary, combating in an interstellar war. 

It is a remarkable sim game. It forces you to constantly explore new worlds. Due to the Elite Dangerous mods, gamers are enhancing it with things like chatting ship artificial intelligence, which responds to voice commands. Also, the developer keeps on improving it with continuous free updates.

4. Observation

A space station near a wormhole

This is a 2019 space video game created by No Code. This looks like a typical puzzle game and reads like a thrilling and gripping horror story. Here, you will play Sam’s role, a space station artificial intelligence charged with assisting Doctor Emma Fisher to endure a disaster after everyone else in her crew has gone. So, meaning you will go around solving puzzles to fish different systems and guide Dr. Emma in the facilities. 

I know that does not sound thrilling. However, the exciting narrative packed with plot twists is certain to keep you busy and hooked until the game is over. What is more, it comes with fantastic and remarkable voice acting.

5. Tacoma

A man in a spaceship

This is considered one of the best space games ever made. The crew from the lunar transfer station Tacoma has mysteriously and, under strange circumstances, disappeared, and you were sent to investigate and return her precious AI, Odin. This remarkable atmospheric science fiction mystery from the developers of Gone Home is remarkably written, with a cast of nuanced, rich characters telling a compelling story in interactive AR recordings. Discovering the hyper-detailed station is an enjoyment, thanks to the unique and extraordinary attention to detail of this game. The more you know about Tacoma, the deeper the mystery you get.

6. Endless Space II

Man with powers, combat robots, spaceships

This space game’s plot is something that comes out naturally from the interplay of technologies in a strategy game, a clash of borders, and an unintentional conflict. The developer of this game does not consider that it is much of an excuse. So the thing they do is to stuff the game with science fiction and provided the whole galaxies to fill. 

Here, in this 4X space turn-based strategy, you will be meeting tiny dragons, living crystals, lots of clones of a bloke, and recycled war machines. It’s a galaxy swarming with offbeat concepts to take pleasure in and then enslave if you are that kind of explorer. In case not, you can play many sentient trees as well as spread branches of olive all the known galaxy. 

There is left to the mind’s eye than in traditional grand strategy- scraps are addressed in a stunning three-dimensional battle engine, which sees you elaborate vessels drift together in the invalid in a theatrical, interplanetary ballet. It is similar to Football Manager, but, with chrome, which is faster compared to light monoliths. In case you are not yet convinced, then you can read more reviews on the net. It’s been a while since Sega presented Endless Space II to the public. However, still, it is becoming popular and most played by players from all over the world.

7. Eve Online

Several spaceships fly towards the planets

Eve Online has been considered the greatest and most superb space-based, persistent world MMORPG that you should give a try. It is also regarded as one of the most thrilling and interesting, owing to the half in a million online people playing on one mega-server instead of enduring the severed realism provided by its lots of fantasy contemporaries. 

Players will join as one to make a fleet, which number in the thousands, and coalitions in the tens of thousands, all laying siege to whole regions for months, assisted by a wide supply chain of miners, researchers, traders as well as manufacturers. There’s nothing like it when it comes to substance and scale. Like for instance, an Eve vessel worth 309B ISK, one of just one of three in existence, was obliterated by a spy embedded in the vessel’s owner’s organization. 

On the other hand, this space MMO has a standing for being bastard hard to get into. However, after modifications to UI or user-interface, graphics as well as near-constant streamlining of the game’s more obscure systems, today this game is so easy to play and approach.

This game is also getting daily updates, including the Eve Online: Invasion expansion, which is the 2nd chapter that already arrived a few months ago. Players before were blinded by the instant aggression of a past passive NPC faction, which is The Drifters, in a move made by the producer to stir up the issue, proving the risky field of New Eden needs continuous vigilance as well as cooperation. 

The experience of a new player is streamlining continually. However, it can still be challenging, particularly if your objective is to create a small network in just a couple of weeks. Give yourself a combating opportunity with the beginners’ guide.

8. Desperate Space (by Jagged Blade Software) / Space Shooter

Several spaceships are fighting each other

This is another fantastic space video game where you can experience big fights in a new breed of addictive, asteroid type space shooter. This game takes the gaming experience to a higher level with its team-based gameplay and concentrates on saving lost civilian aircraft. Unlike other shooter games out there, this one will provide non-stop action while still offering an array and types of excitement, which are not found in any other games.

Here, you will go aboard on an array of missions on more than six different planets while earning new ships medals as well as upgrades. There are many kinds of weapons to choose from, such as rail guns, Giga blasters, and flame throwers. Blasting asteroids and aliens have never been so much exciting. You can also compete with other gamers from all parts of the globe in the online high score charts. Desperate space is simply a remarkable and stunning type of game, which makes you keep playing. This is packed with many amazing features like seven missions to unlock, 32 action-packed missions, various kinds of enemy to kill and destroy, and different aircraft to pilot. 

9. No Man’s Sky

A man in a spacesuit on the planet

Space is a never-ending and unconquered vista. The longing to discover the unidentified also forms the attraction of No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. 

Space is a never-ending and unconquered vista. That yearning to explore the unidentified also shapes the attraction of No Man Sky by Hello Games that utilizes procedural generation to make sure that you will never reach the ends of its space recreation that has more than 18 quintillion planets to discover. 

In No Man’s Sky video game, exploration is not just your task, but you will also have to look for ways to live. Top to the success in carrying it out is mastering the combat and trading of the game. This Sci-Fi video game did not have the smoothest launch. On the other hand, lots of updates have fixed the ship, putting in the whole thing from deep-sea exploration to base building- keeping a loving and dedicated fanbase, which bought a billboard to express appreciation. 

The latest update massively revamped many factors of the video game, like presenting near-unlimited inventory space, virtual reality compatibility, and more considerable multiplayer component. Included in the update is accessing the game on PC Game Pass and keep in seeing regular and frequent updates.

10. Star Trek Online

Space Games, several spaceships are flying

Every one of us is familiar with Star Trek, a million-dollar movie series that hooked the heart of each one of us. It has come a very long way in a moderately short space of time, both online and in the movies, though debatably, it is the initial MMO that had been in the world of space games for many years now. In fact, it is considered one of the most played MMORPGs all over the world until now. 

It is wise to consider that Star Trek Online isn’t only a space game that is able to incarcerate the spirit of Roddenberry enforced Universe, as well as curious species with an enduring love for the world of a human being. Gamers show their affiliations for DS9, TNG, as well as TOS, indulge the series skills, and join in different games, namely space battles and structured away team expeditions. Funded by microtransactions, this game allows you to purchase many tat. However, the point in which Star Trek isn’t so much as a sim for players who like Star Trek rather a hang-out for Star Trek fanatics who enjoy playing. 

Good things about the game that you will love

There are other things you will love about this space game, from the way you develop your character as well as bridge officers, to playing in regular episode tasks. It is similar to riding an open-topped shuttle around each corner of Trek lore as well as history. On the other hand, where this game excels is during an open team space fight, in which a small number of player aircraft join forces in order to destroy indomitable NPC ships. With a need to handle shields as well as power levels, think of positioning and speed. Those who are used to playing Starfleet Command games will find much to engage, most particularly when part of a team of support and frontline ships tearing up the galaxy. 

Long-running game

While this amazing game was developed and presented to the public decades ago, it still receives regular updates on its content and even does some expansions. The recent one is the Rise of Discovery, which tells a story of an essential moment in the lives of Ellen Landry and Gabriel Lorca. You will experience the events which result in the initial episode of Star Trek, plus an overhaul to how to reveal the best vessels in the game, which make this a kinder revise for fresh and new players out there.

11. Faster than Light or FLT

Interior view of a spaceship

Released in 2012, FLT is still one of the most played space video games at this point. While a low of space-themed video games concentrate on verdant graphics as well as stunning vistas, FTL from Subset Games shows you with a basic GUI representing your spacecraft and calls it a day. 

It comes with exceptional gameplay that is mostly text-based, having you commander your spacecraft towards your destination while doing your very best to keep away from space pirates and, with any luck escaping with your life. Except you are a total master of technique, there are many failures and deaths in your future. On the other hand, every time, you will come back powerful as well as more equipped for the trip ahead. 

12. Galactic Civilizations II: Endless Universe

The spaceship is flying

This is not the most creative space strategy game ever made; however, it comes with unexpected story twists as it is only about making a good solid four times game. You guide a space-faring race in the stars as well as stake the claim on the rest of the galaxy. 

What makes this video game apart from the rest is its craft of artificial intelligence. Aside from offering a meaty challenge to space-faring exploits, however, its efforts at deploying tailored as well as counter techniques make it feel all the more personal every time you play. Now, it’s getting on a bit; however, the Endless Universe releases show this game at its best, bundling in expansion and providing you the choice to wipe out and demolish solar systems, as well as build your own empire.

13. Mass Effect II

Several people and aliens in combat suits with weapons in space

There is not much fizzing of vessels to be enjoyed in the Mass Effect I space game. On the other hand, still, it is a plant-hopping, specie- seducing space adventure and considered one of the excellent Sci-Fi RPG games you will surely love to play. 

Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, merits inclusion for two vital reasons; one is the strength of the Sci-Fi story as well as the characters, a story which began strongly in the first series and blossomed in its mid-act to such an extent which the conclusion was going to wilt a bit. Another reason is that, regardless of a comprehensive lack of direct control of the vessel, you felt not only part of the team, however in command of a working vessel with the capability to discover the space. 

Parallels have been drawn, not least by Bioware- between the Starlight that was renowned in year 1980s and Mass Effect trilogy for being the first space games and is renowned at this point for not having been better in that regard. When it comes to the storyline, with all that old technology end of the world or we called it gubbins, the storyline of this game is close to Starflights. 

Just in case you are wondering why any of the series latest entries are not present, you can search online for more information about this space adventure.

14. Freelancer

Several spaceships are fighting

If there is one space in this game that would not be improved by a High Definition release, it is the Freelancer. Provided that that last full game of Chris Robert has been extensively unavailable for much of its thirteen-year existence, any form or re-release would be welcome. 

The novel Freelancer was a remarkable and stunning Sci-Fi game to play. This is considered a slick as well as an accessible successor to the game Wing Commander Privateer as well as the follow-up to Starlancer, which provided only the right combination of storytelling as well as open-world adventuring. On the other hand, sadly, with a movement that could not fill the space, which had been made for it? 

With lots of promised aspects left by the curb, a full economy as well as ability to host many players at the same time, it was barely the remarkable white hope it was first hyped up to be. That it stays one of the best space games today is largely down to the mod that keeps developing for it, most specifically the Discovery and Crossfire mods. Between these two, Freelancer has been improved as well as expanded further than all recognition. Today, it can provide the depth of content as well as some of the features, which was refuted before the initial release.

15. Homeworld Re-mastered Collection

Several spaceships are fighting around the space station

Originally produced fifteen years, this is one of the space games that you will love to play. This spawns an expansion, a superb sequel, and recently remastered in order to put your gaming experience to a higher level. It is a series of games that stays unsurpassed. Also, it’s considered rare space games that have a remarkable story, both hopeful and tragic. It is a journey of discovery of knowing more about what went before and desperately struggling to make a feature. It is a little bit depressing and beautiful. 

Due to the remastering effort of the developer, Homeworld is now considered one of the best space games ever made today. It is more beautiful graphic wise. Also, due to the remasteration, it now comes with stunningly detailed aircraft and its big and gigantic space backdrops. The whole thing is owed to its minimalist user-interface. 

Watching this space game in full action seems like watching an epic ballet. Miniature aircraft flies in an arrangement in all directions – huge, well-armed capital spacecraft fly around the big mother ships, hard-working resource gatherers work away in energizing an enormous undertaking. Even the largest vessels will look small by the dimension of the three dimensions maps.

16. Objects in Space

Several people in the space station

This superb twist on the galaxy rim shared the exploration and trading factors of space games like Elite Dangerous; on the other hand, it feels like controlling a submarine. You do not see galaxy or space itself, only a series of utilitarian packed of machinery as well as screens. There are so many things to manage, and you play many roles at once, engineer, pilot, and comms officer. On the other hand, in spite of the restricted view of the surroundings, still, you’ll feel like you are hurtling in the galaxy in a starship.

17. Stellaris

The surface of an inhospitable planet

This is also another remarkable and most played space video games today. Here, you should look forward to robotic rebellions, mutant uprisings, and the detection of alien texts which make your people question their position in the galaxy. 

It is not only a 4X video game. It is an empire sim and galactic roleplaying game that bestows a wide array of choices upon players, allowing them to make exceptional, odd, space fairing aliens. You can play as a society designed on the backs of slaves or robot-dependent hyper-intelligent lizards. The robust species maker and a huge number of meaningful choices mean that you are able to make almost any species that you can think of. 

And reinforcing all of that is the focus of the game on exploration. While many space 4X games stick with one mode of interstellar travel, this one provides you three to select from, each with its own counters and strengths. In one place, the galaxy may be a network of hyperplanes. However, in the next, you may find yourself developing wormhole stations as well as blinking in the galaxy. Stellaris’ multiplayer is not to be taken for granted either, changing decent individuals into Machiavellian alien oppressors at the drop of a hat.

18. KaiJin (by Phelios) / Shooter

The spaceship shoots

For too long, genetically adapted and amended grown food, as well as pollution from the sea and environment, had a disastrous effect on Planet Terria’s natural food chain. The ocean dwellers and alien insects mutated in violently unusual ways and turned out to be smarter and stronger.

Some start to develop brain irregularity that led to an increased ability of 5000 percent in their intelligent quotient. As their new brainpower grew, so did their craving for planet control. They feel that the people of the Plant Terrians are their enemies. So they created a secret army that is ready to eliminate the Terrians using their mutant force.

19. Master of Orion 1+ 2

Several spaceships are fighting each other

Space games fanatics out there have been debating since the last century over which of the games of Master of Orion is better and exciting to play. 

Master of Orion built his game on a concept similar to Sid Meier’s turn-based Civilization and applied it to multiple planets and galaxies, in order that rather than different flavors of human settlers as well as terrestrial biomes, gamers were provided an extensive array of types of planets and races to control as well as conquer like the Silicoids, can thrive in the hostile of settings, albeit at a hostile reproductive rate.

The best thing about this game

Technological development and colonialism have been the driving force behind this game and all of the superb strategy games. But this was the initial game of its kind to really hit diplomacy and provide a way to conquest wherein some measure of galactic peace could be obtained. The sequel has even exceeded its precedent version, with personalize or customizable races as well as political conquest, which needed you to be elected as the supreme ruler of the space. 

The best thing about this game is the vital historical references, as seminal an influence on turn-based galaxy conquest as the initial two Doom games were establishing as well as defining the FPS. Not like Doom, on the other hand, has cast a long monolith-form shadow over the whole space game type, which many would dispute that the MOO games have yet to be hidden and concealed. This game was released in 1993.

20. Jets N Guns

Spaceships are fighting around the space station

This is considered a heavy-piece of ground shaking and rock blasting action clothed in a full metal jacket with excellent graphics, which surely blow your mind. Take pleasure in the action, which is virtually insane. Save the world or the Universe from the menace of Masters of Destructions in a mission spanning 21 massive levels. Fight as one against many, equipped with different pieces of elegant armament armed tightly to the pitted hull of your spacecraft.

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